• Punch Line Philly (map)

Just for your viewing pleasure, New York City's finest storytellers relive their most embarrassing sexual experiences on stage. Five comedians (four women, one dude) packed into a tight 90 minute show, breaking barriers about sex, relationships, dating taboos, and more while making you laugh hysterically. The show pairs sexual inclusion with humor swimmingly and sheds light on the awkward universal experience we all know and love (for the most part). 

Tickets are 18 online! Ticket link: http://www.punchlinephilly.com/EventDetail?tmeventid=0200546EEAEDF548&offerid=79008

“It is a storytelling ode to the universal experience of sex as awkward, weird, silly, hot, and awesome (sometimes all at once, sometimes distinctly not).” – BUST

“If you’ve never felt like a Carrie, a Miranda, a Samantha, or a Charlotte, you’ll probably feel a kinship with the hilarious ladies of Awkward Sex… and the City.” – Washingtonian