Natalie Wall

Natalie Wall is the creator/producer/host of "Awkward Sex... and the City," which showcases comedians with hilarious awkward sexual tales. When Ms. Wall is not working on "Awkward Sex" she can be seen performing stand-up all around New York City. She has trained with The People’s Improv Theater and James Madison University.  When Natalie isn’t performing stand-up, shes writing for as their residental sex expert and watching a shit ton of 30 Rock.

Meghan O'Malley

Meghan O'Malley is a NYC based performer/writer. She is UCB and PIT trained in improv and sketch. You can see her improv with her all lady team, and do stand up throughout the city, most likely in the back of your favorite bar. Meghan, also, produces a monthly improv show at The PIT called Writer's Block: An Adventure You Choose, the 1st Thursday of every month at the PIT

Carly Ann Filbin

Carly Ann Filbin is a comedian lusting and lunching in NYC.  She performs all around the city and doesn't go to the gym as often as she tells people. Carly hosts Lady Parts, an all female sketch show, the last Saturday of every month at The People's Improv Theatre.  If you're there on Mondays, you can check out her improv team Roxanne every week.  Too lazy to go out to the theatre?  Check out her youtubechannel, carlyannhasfun, new vlogs twice a week.  If you want to see her any other time, go to any dive bar and catch her crying into a glass of house wine. Carly is obsessed with her hair.

Jamie Leelo

Jamie Leelo hails from a small town in Central Pennsylvania and is really excited to be in NYC. Jamie has trained with The Second City and The Peoples Improv Theater in sketch and imrpov, and worked as the registrar at the PIT from 2011-2013. She performs her stand up/storytelling show Can You Call My Mom? around New York City and universities, and co-hosts the open mic HUMP DAY! in the PIT Underground. She is thrilled to host the monthly talk show, Brunch Night!, which involves muffins and alcohol. You can catch her doing improv around the city or hanging out on the street waiting for ice cream and taco trucks to go by.

Ginny Leise

Ginny Leise is a writer and comedian performing all over NYC. She has trained with the PIT, and can be seen performing with her improv group Buttworks.  She also a part of the hilarious online trio, 3G Force and the all female group, Salute Your Skirts. Be on the look out for her new web series, "Trashy is my New Best Friend," and yes... it's a trash can.

Emmy Harrington

Emmy Harrington is an actress and comic who has worked in TV and film across the country.  She trained with Upright Citizens Brigade and her credits include Reno 911 and a new series for HBO from filmmaker Alex Ross Perry. She is also a member of the new york sketch teams The Grape Dutches of York and Salute Your Skirts.