• The Creek And The Cave (map)
  • 10-93 Jackson Avenue
  • Long Island City, NY, 11101
  • United States

Another month, another opportunity to hear some hearty shit stories! 

Come for the poop puns and free beer, and stay cause you are having an existential crisis and don't remember how you got to this point in your life. But hey, free beer. There's got to be meaning in free beer right. And wow, we all poop.

These comedians are so brave finding humor in a subject so many people find revolting. How refreshing. How bold. And this host, this Natalie Wall, I'm not 100% sure how to pronounce her last name. Looks french. Man, if this chick can open a show to a cold audience by talking about her last poop, and call it art, then we are all doing something right with our lives.

Shit, wait. What is life if not pooping and free beer. Fuck. Beer poops. The worst.

Line Up:
Jamie Loftus (Comedy Central, Hulu)
Jefferson Bites (Bare! True Stories about Sex, Desire and Romance)
David Arroyo (Moth Story Slam Winner)

And Sam Corbin, in the background, counting the sheets in a roll of toilet paper. Because, you know, science.