• Q.E.D. (map)
  • 27-16 23rd Avenue
  • Astoria, NY 11105

We're excited to announce that we will be the exclusive location for the first ever Awk Sex Fest! Six shows over the course of two days: 9/29 & 9/30.

Come join me at Q.E.D. for the first EVER Awk Sex Fest! Just one show a month was not enough, come join us for two days of hilarious comedians divulging their most excruciating, embarrassingly awkward sexual encounters. Kinky, we know. Comedy, booze, giveaways, and maybe even an awkward kissing booth?!?!?! Yasss. Kween.

Tickets are $8 in advance/ $10 on the day of event for the 7:30PM & 9:00PM shows. Tickets are $6 in advance/ $8 on the day of event for the 10:30PM shows. Want to buy a festival pass at a discounted rate? It's just $20 to see all the shows on either day or $40 for the entire festival. That's a lot of sex stories!

Tickets: http://qedastoria.com/collections/shows/products/awk-sex-fest

Line Ups:

Thursday Sept 29th
Jamie Brickhouse
Val Roder
Jamie Leelo
Leigh Akin
Mehdi Barakchian

Blair Socci
Caitlin Brodnick
Lisa Kleinman
Jen Keefe
Leslie Goshko

Bobby Hankinson
Emmy Harrington
Carly Ann Filbin
Meghan O'Malley
Anita Flores

Friday Sept 30th
Carolyn Castiglia
Lily Karlin
Anna Suzuki
Maria Heinegg
Natalie Wall

9:00 Dani Faith Leonard
Ashley Brooke Roberts
Ginny Leise
Myq Kaplan
Giulia Rozzi

Will Miles
Katie Haller
Karolena Theresa
Christi Chiello